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Last updated 4th May 2006.


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Asbestos Mesothelioma
Asbestos Mesothelioma


If anyone has any photos from this year, please could you e-mail them across so that they can be included on the site. Many thanks, Andrea

Major changes  for 2006 season


The Open Superstock Club is opening up a new class, called The Classic Superbike series,  which will be Pre 94 Superbikes the idea being to bridge the gap from Superstock to early World Superbikes. The machine to be included are YZF, Air cooled Ducatis, 750 Kawasakis, upside down forked Suzuki's, Fireblades and Exup's to name but a few.  See class rules.


Neil aboard his super quick RC30

The Open Superstock Racing Club would like to congratulate Neil Robinson on becoming the 2005 Open Superstock Championship winner.  Well done Neil from everyone. Throughout the season he rode as well  as he had for many years, taking fastest lap at most circuits, very rarely off the front row in qualifying including pole position many times.  Finishing with an overall win at the last Cadwell meeting. Neil and his trusty RC30 were worthy winners.



Neil Robinson                      RC30750                                 490

Gary Skellett                       GSXR1100                              446

Kieron Hayes                      GSXR750                                297

Jes Haywood                        RC30750                                218

Mark Ess                             OWO1750                               185

Malcolm Bate                       FZR1000                                140

Ray Johnstone                     GSXR1100                             122

Mostyn Bullock                   GSXR1100                             103

Simon Bryant                       GSXR1100                               65

Dean Silvester                      FZ911                                       63

Adam Charlesworth             GSXR1100                                45

Peter Young                          FZ911                                        38

Rob Eley                               FZR1000                                   18

Steve Spencer                       FZ888                                        16

Darren Wood                       GSXR1100                                14




Check out Ray Johnston's  new website!


Welcome to the Open Superstock racing club. 

Club was formed to give older superbikes the chance of racing again in a competitive class.   Primarily introduced to cater for the Superstock type bikes of the late eighties, i.e FZ's, VFR's, GSXR slabsides, the class has now been extended to include later machines i.e. RC30, OWO1, FZRs (pre exup) GSXR and ZXR.  Model type and class type are to be found in the new class rules.


For further details of the club, call Steve Spencer on 01277 222258.     Or you can email Steve on


We hope you will enjoy racing with us, please do not hesitate to ring if you have any questions that need answering.


Yours in sport

Steve and Andrea Spencer.


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